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Sassofono fur vest

I had never heard of the Sassofono brand before, until I saw the above advertisement dominating the entrance to the International Departures terminal of the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. It immediately captured all my attention.
Today, I have made a quick search for it and it turns out that Sassofono is an Istanbul-based Turkish textile/fashion brand. Its website is bilingual in English and Russian, and when you combine this with the information that it has several outlets in the touristic centers of Antalya, its target audience becomes clearer. But I believe they deserve an even wider reach.

And here it is, the outfit I first saw on the billboard and fell in love with! This picture is much clearer and sharper, thankfully, enabling us to enjoy its beauty in full. When I first saw the model, I immediately thought, "Oh my! Is she Marcia Cross, of the Desperate Housewives?!" The red headed model indeed resembles her, but is quite younger than Ms. Cross...

Obviously, what makes this outfit noteworthy is the fur vest. These days, we are celebrating the first anniversary of my Turkish blog, Kürksever and the very first topic I looked in was fur vests. One post had not been enough, and a second post had to follow it up.

The fur vest here is made from red fox fur. Red fox is in fact the original wild fox, all the other colour variations have been the result of years of fur farming, but the red fox here looks too soft, too fluffy, and too "perfect" to have a wild origin. The colour spectrum of the fur is incredibly wide, having all variations and tones from white to yellow, from red to brown, and this makes it a very versatile and flexible garment.

That it is a hooded fur vest is a lovely and important detail. It makes the vest more casual; you can wear this vest to a Sunday walk in the park, to a farmer's market, or to an afternoon tea party. The front ends where the zipper is have leather and this contributes to the casual, informal look of the vest.

Finally, another point worth noting is that in the body of the vest, the fur pieces are used in horizontal strips. There are narrow leather pieces in between. The use of leather between the fur bands reduces the cost of the vest, while giving it a fluffier and attractive look.

Other pieces of the outfit are gorgeous, too. The top under the vest reminds me of the designs of the Spanish brand Desigual on the one hand, and those of Roberto Cavalli on the other. Actually, the title of my next blog post on Sassofono where I take a closer look at their designs is ready:

Sassofono: A Turkish brand that has the POTENTIAL to challenge Roberto Cavalli

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