15 Şubat 2013 Cuma

NYFW street fur style -1-

The New York Fashion Week is going ahead in full steam, but this has been a fierce winter so far in the US. The East Coast is covered in snow throughout. I have been in Boston, MA for two weeks and boy, I am really cold! Interestingly, last year we had a very tough winter in Turkey, lots of snow and freezing temps, while it was one of the warmest winters on record in the US. This year it's just the opposite-very mild winter in Turkey but very cold in America. Brrr!

Since it's freezing outside and there is snow everywhere, the fashionistas following the NYFW have wrapped themselves in furs. I loved the above shot a lot (as expected from a fur lover LOL!). Both ladies are daring the cold weather head on! The full length fur coat on the left is clearly a vintage piece, but looks quite sharp. The V-shaped pattern on the fur is called "chevron" in English. From a fashion perspective, it is just another pattern, like tweed, houndstooth or leopard print-some extra possibility to work with but in fact, it is a furriers' technique where thin stripes of fur alternate with thin stripes of leather or suede. This way, a little fur goes a long way to make up a full garment. The body of the coat is made from coyote/wolf fur, but the collar is made from a fuller and more expensive fox fur. The overall outfit is drenched in black, from the studded booties to the sunglasses and finally the beanie hat. The lighter colors of the fur coat simply pop out.

The blue-dyed Mongolian lamb jacket stands out in Alessandra Codinha's outfit, who works at Women's Wear Daily (WWD). I think it is from this year's Blumarine collection. The extremely long and curly hairs of the Mongolian or Tibetan lamb give an incredibly fluffy appearance, yet the garment is light as feather.

With its bright colors, striking patterns and lace top, this outfit is begging for the spring to arrive. And the Mongolian lamb vest with its pure white color is just the perfect choice over this grand revelry.

Her dark eye makeup gives away an off-duty model, in between catwalks. The fluffy parts of her coat are from Kalgan lamb. Is the rest made of fabric or Persian lamb fur, I could not tell, but we see a lot of such designs recently where furs with different textures are mixed up together. 

All attention is naturally drawn to the red pants in this outfit. The coat can again be made from Kalgan fur or an imitation of it...

The center of attention in this all-black outfit is not the feet but the head. This magnificent fur hat with its dramatic colors is made with Tanuki fur, also called Finn raccoon. This fur is perfect for hats, for the hoods of the down coats or for collars; it simply stands out above and beyond all. The black fur jacket looks very warm and inviting, too:) Judging by its fluffiness, it must be made from dyed fox fur.

Another all-black outfit. Biker leather jacket, mini skirt, black panties and Chanel boots make up a great "biker chic" ensemble. The individual furs of the black-dyed fox hat shine brilliantly, as if you can count them one by one! 

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  2. Beautiful girls on a beautiful fur coats ! Black and white furs are amazing both and extremely glamourous but another colors are also chic on women.

  3. These are stunning pictures! I love the dark lamb fur coat that's a little tighter fit than the others-- what a way to make a statement without causing a scene! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jenn | http://www.thisoldfur.com/index.cfm?ID=I1

  4. Love the vintage full length fur coat in the first photo. It is a style statement that will never go out of fashion.
    Also a tip of the hat to the girl in the last photo with the black-dyed fox hat. She carries it off perfectly!

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