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Eternally beautiful Monica Bellucci with Alain Delon for Annabella Furs, 20 years ago

I suppose I first watched Monica Bellucci in the movie Malena and I had fallen in love in her voluptous, "womanly" beauty. We all know the French and Italian ladies who get more beautiful with each passing year: Catherine Denevue, Sophia Loren, Isabella Adjani, Sophie Marceau... These women are always fashionable, elegant, but at the same time feminine and attractive. Monica Bellucci too is that way. She is an actress who had continued her career for a long time and made a belated entry to acting. As she grows older, her beauty does not go away; it simply matures...

I recently discovered that Monica had appeared in an advertising campaign all the way back in 1987 with the unforgettable French actor Alain Delon for the Italian furrier Annabella and then decided to share some wonderful images from this campaign with you. Annabella Fur House has been established in the city of Pavia in Italy in 1953. It is a company that reflects the well known Italian attention to detail and quality and their highly appreciated taste in design. It is a company that treasures craftsmanship, handiwork and hard labour. Annabella Furs is noteworthy for its advertising campaigns and fashion shows in which besides Monica Bellucci and Alain Delon, such famous names as Catherine Denevue, Sophia Loren, and Naomi Campbell has appeared.

In these images, Monica Bellucci and Alain Delon play a couple in the midst of a passionate love. The caption of the above photograph in the campaign is: "French charm, Italian beauty and elegance: Alain Delon and Monica Bellucci." Indeed, Alain Delon represents charm in his black tuxedo with his highly charismatic and "cool" attitude, while Monica Bellucci is the epitome of beauty and elegance in her magnificent sable coat and understated makeup. They both look at different directions, but with Monica leaning against Alain Delon's shoulder, this is a very intimate moment between the two as reflected on the camera lens.

We see Monica leaning on Alain Delon's shoulder in this shot too. Monica's stare pierces through the lens and reaches straight into our gaze. They are very close to each other, but there is something that is worrying them and this casts a shadow over their happiness. Monica finds refuge like a ship does in a calm harbour after a terrible storm. Alain stands firm in his determination to protect her whatever the cost.

The same sentiments fill the picture above. Alain Delon wraps his arms around his companion in a way to claim her. We see Monica Bellucci in a gorgeous Russian lynx fur coat that has its own unique pattern consisting of a white fur background with black spots over.

After the somewhat melancholic and sentimental shots above, we see the couple walking in a blissful happiness in the picture below, walking with a broad smile on their faces. The sunlight coming in from the windows to the left warms up the atmosphere. The caption of this photo in the campaign is, "An unforgettable moment with Alain Delon and Monica Bellucci in the magic of Pavia." Pavia is a historic city in norther Italy, where Annabella is based. Monica is wearing another lynx fur.

We see Monica alone in the next picture, with her serene beauty on display. Her mink fur frames her face gracefully. She is barely wearing makeup-any intervention can only conceal her beauty! She is a testament to elegance with her white silk/satin blouse and leather gloves which match the colour of her fur coat perfectly!

In the final picture that I shall present in this post, we see Monica alone once more. In keeping with the general atmosphere of the campaign, she is by herself, immersed in thoughts, wearing another beautiful mink coat...

Advertising spots were also produced within this campaign, for TV broadcast. Though the image quality is low, you can see a clip below, found on youtube:

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