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Supermodel Caroline Trentini in furs -1-

I would like to talk about the furs modeled by Caroline Trentini at the runways and the editorials of fashion magazines. She belongs to a new generation of supermodels. Firstly, if you are like me, that is, you remember models more with their image than their names(!), let us remember who Caroline Trentini is by looking at her at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows:)

The first one was from the 2006 show. The next picture is from the 2009 show. I guess Caroline's facial expression and personality has matured a lot (Yep, I am looking at her face, don't you believe me!?!)

Caroline Trentini was born in 1987 in a small city of 40 thousand in Brazil and grew up there. When she was discovered by the same "head hunter" who discovered Gisele Bundchen, she was only 13 years old. If you ask me what the outstanding quality of Caroline is, I say she has a beauty that has not lost its childlike purity.

Now, since Sonia Rykiel's guest collection for H&M is in the news, let us begin our Caroline Trentini tour with the gorgeous dress and fur she carried in Rykiel's FW 2004 show (Of course you can see an enlarged version if you click on the picture, but the original version is quite big, with 1280x2030 pixels and 613 KB size, just reminding).

Just look at the beauty of the dress, and the elegance of the model wearing it! How nicely do the flowers reminiscent of Sonia Rykiel's red hair fit in the green dress! Of course, we understand that Caroline was chosen to preent this dress due to her green eyes. Naturally, the model needs to have a body with perfect proportions, that's true as well. If we look at the dress closely, we see that it actually consists of an underlayer made of shiny satin fabric in green, something that could well be called as a nightie, and the real dress carrying the flower print over this nightie, which is made from a transparent fabric. The fur Caroline is carrying in her hand is dyed blue fox, that much is certain, but is it a bolero type short jacket or a stole, I could not be sure.

In the next outfit, we see Caroline again in a green coat with a black fur collar. I was not able to determine if the coat is made from velvet or fur. If you are asking me if it is possible to have fur in such form, the fur technology has developed significantly in the last 15-20 years. The "shearing" technique removes the longer guard hairs and a fur with shorter hairs but a much softer feel is obtained. I am unable to comment on her boots, but if you can, you are welcome to do so in the comments section...

We see another embrodiered coat below, with sable collar. The shiny gold lace in the embrodiery is in harmony with both Caroline's gree eyes and her hair.

I could not find the source of the above picture, I mean, to which designer's collection in which year it belongs to. However, the next photo very much parallels the embrodiery style. Four models together backstage in a Robert Cavalli show. Caroline is not wearing fur, but models at the extreme right and left are wearing coats embellished with gorgeous embrodiery. The coats' collars and sleeve ends are chinhcilla fur. Again, I would like to remind, this is a large size (680 KB) image.

At this point in a post on Caroline Trentini and furs, it is now time to present the two furs I like most. The first is an Arctic fox coat she wore in Michael Kors' FW 2005 show. In the first photo, in the pose Caroline is giving to the photographers' at the end of the runway by slightly turning to her side, pay attention to how the coat drapes immaculately towards the hem without fault and how the coat has acquired movement thanks to Caroline's swing. The colour of the fur coat is fantastic, its collar frames Caroline's face exquisitely and reveals the beauty of her face in all its glory. The dress is very beautiful too, in its perfectly matching colour and its tulle detail.

Another photo of the same appearance. Do not be misled by the small size of the thumbnail, if you click on it, a supersize image will appear, but if your internet connection is limited, let me warn you beforehand that it's about 1MB (925KB, to be exact)!

The third photo lets you see Caroline's shoes in detail. You know, we the men do not understand women's shoe craze much, but it does not mean that we do not know how to win over your hearts by zooming into shoes!

The red fox coat below is from Emanuel Ungaro's 2006-2007 fall and winter show. Red fox is one of my favorite furs and this coat's colours cover the whole spectrum available from the reds to the yellows, from the browns to the whites. In the past, there used to be a warning "Do not wear a fur coat whose colour is close to your hair colour," but this image is a living testimony as to why such a warning is not necessary at all. You may be thinking, when looking at the image from a distance, that the black dress forms a nice plain background to highlight the fur coat, but if you look closer, you will see that the dress has a very nice texture and an interesting cut.

I would like to end this first instalment of my posts on Caroline Trentini. There are many more images of Caroline in fur that I would like to share with you. Besides, I am aware that I have made almost no comments on her hair, but once I left the chestnut-caramel paragidm, my hair knowledge has simply dried away!

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