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From Michael Kors to Simay Bülbül

While I was following the Simay Bülbül show at the Istanbul Fashion Week (IFW) through the Turkish fashion blogs, I saw the fur coat above and liked it a lot. At that time, I even commented "This coat reminds me of Michael Kors!" at a blog post. Then came the Michael Kors show at the NYFW and bingo! There was a fur piece that resembled Simay Bülbül's coat! And here we are, comparing Michael Kors with Simay Bülbül...

I find it very "cool" to have coats, jackets and cardigans that are worn over the shoulders without putting arms through the sleeves:) It's cool, because it has a certain spontaneity, a certain unkempt, careless way with which the coat hangs... How can I say, it's as if the wearer transmits "I am not cold right now, but I placed the coat over my shoulders in case a cool breeze shivers me"... Besides, I really like the way the wearer holds on to the coat with her hands, pulling the sides to herself.

I have an answer to the question "Why do women love handbags so much?" and it is this: since women cannot simply put their hands to the pockets of their pants or jackets the way men always do, they are faced with the difficult question of what to do with their hands. A handbag provides a convenient solution to this problem. A woman can simply hold the handles of the handbag, or place it on her shoulders and grab it with her hands, or simply hang it on her elbow and point her hand upwards with a broken wrist. Likewise, a coat worn over the shoulders this way serves a similar function and provides two convenient handles for the wearer's hands.

Now this is the fur garment that reminded me of Michael Kors in Simay Bülbül's coat. This is from Fall-Winter 2010-11 collection. Okay, fur keeps you warm but this is not a coat, it's a long and sleeveless vest! The stylist of the runway show decided to present the fur vest and the deep V-neck sweater in olive green this way. And I must confess, Abbey Lee Kershaw looks gorgeous!

There are two similarities between the furs in Simay Bülbül and Michael Kors. Both are coyote fur and both have a patchwork-like appearance, they have a certain texture. Indeed, they are a patchwork of coyote fur pieces. They are not made from whole pelts. Of these fur pieces, some have long hairs, while others have short hairs. From the perspective of the furrier, these types of garments help use fur pieces that would otherwise be thrown away, hence making something useful out of them. From the designer's perspective, these patchwork designs are an opportunity to obtain a different texture.

Here we see the Michael Kors fur cest on Kelsey Van Mook, in the January 2011 issue of Flare magazine. It is combined with a  V-neck body in camel color. The fur's colors are a perfect match for camel.

And this is from the latest Michael Kors show, namely Fall-Winter 2012-13. Kors has revisited the patchwork coyote after 2 years, this time as a jacket and hat.

Finally, I would like to return to a fur vest where similar fur pieces were used in a patchwork design. I wrote about this fur vest from the Fabrika collection vest two years ago in the Turkish version of my blog.

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