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White fur: Noble and elegant

There are so many blogs I follow but when it comes to the Turkish high society and their taste of fashion, the  "Moda ve Sosyete" blog tops 'em all, and it turns out the author of this great blog loved a white fur coat worn by Siren Ertan Çarmıklı, a well-known fashion designer and socialite. That prompted me to talk about white furs in my blog. I also thought it quite fitting as the whole country is swathed in white snow these days. In this post, I would like share some of the classic white fur examples of fur fashion, while trying to identify the white fur worn by Siren Ertan.

Since fur is a natural product, simple color descriptions such as "black" or "white" are usually not sufficient. You must have seen this popular infographics on social media, which compares the color literacy of women with men (or their lack of). In this Mars-Venus type of comparison, color for men simply consists of primary colors such as white, black, red, yellow, blue, etc, while for women there are all sorts of hues and tones in between colours. So, white is never just white: there is ice white, milk white, eggshell, creme, beige. For men, blue is blue, but women apparently see all the spectrum from parliament blue to sax blue, from sky blue to turquoise... The colors of furs are just like that. In this post, we shall see all the different types of white in white furs.

Coming back to the picture above, it's always been one of my faves. Although it is probably from the (late) 80s, I think the model's hair, make-up, and especially her look, her gaze... appears very "fresh" to me. And that naughty expression on her face! Reminds me of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

Regarding her fur coat, though we cannot exactly determine its cut because of her lying pose, its broad collar and turnback cuffs immediately strike our attention. How about the fur's type? It's mink, for sure. But what kind of mink? Well, white is a very tricky color since it does not reveal any patterns at all, and since its tone could easily appear different under different lighting conditions. Hence, it could just be "white mink" or it could be "pearl mink" that is closer to cream or beige color. In any case, it is lovely:)

Since I started the post with reference to the white fur coat Siren Ertan Çarmıklı wore, let us see how she looks in it. First question, what kind of fur is this? At first glance, I said mink, but it is so hard to tell in the absence of any revealing clues such as patterns or density of guard hair (I would fare much better if I had a chance to see it close range or better, touch the fur:) ). Hence, it could well be rabbit or sheared beaver. Or sheared/plucked mink. Heck, it could even be faux fur, since these days they do some faux furs that are virtually indistinguishable from the real deal.

Nevertheless, there are some other interesting aspects in this coat besides the type of fur it's made of. First of all, it has a quite large drape, which means its hem is quite large. If it was another branch of fashion, it would not matter that much, but the raw material in the furriers' craft, namely fur, is a very valuable material, just like gold or diamond. Therefore, from the fur designer's perspective, it is important to know how much fur is required to make a particular design. A coat with a large hem requires more pelts, hence it would be more expensive.

This is why, you see a certain type of picture on online fur sellers' sites in the descriptions of their fur coats, which shows its hem size to the viewers, and this is how they do it: The model turns her back to the camera, and grabs both sides of the coat. Then she draws her arms as high as possible. This way, all the drapes in the coat are flattened and its true hem circumference is revealed. Well, I did my best in explaining, but it is much better if I show you some pictures!

This white mink coat's collar and trims are in fox fur, which makes them fuller, fluffier and more voluminous. The hem of this coat measures 148 cms from one side to the other. That is nearly one and a half meters, but wait till you see the next two.

This is another white mink coat, but clearly its hem measures much larger. In fact the model has done a poor job of lifting the sides of the coat, which would have made the look more spectacular. The hem of this coat measures 228 cms. Think about it, this is more than 2 metres!

This is not a regular full length coat, but it's more like a cape or stroller. As you can imagine, its hem is larger, quite larger: 3 metres!

Let me return to the classics. In immaculate styling and full of sensuality, this picture is a true classic indeed! The textured top she is wearing, her gold accessories, and her makeup is flawless. Her fur coat is very chic as well, but more importantly, how can you the color of this coat as simply white!?

Here is a few more classic white fur pictures, and this concludes my post.

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